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Rotary Actuators

Rotary Actuator Features
  • Hardened and ground shaft for mounting (RD-3, RD-4)
  • Mounting flange with dowel pin holes for torque transfer
  • Tapped and through holes for ease of mounting
  • Ports in end plates can be rotated for re-positioning air line fittings
  • Hardened stop screws with fine threads for accurate adjustment
  • Stopscrews compatible with all end-of-stroke sensors
  • Bronze or cam roller type rack support (RD-3, RD-4)
  • All external surfaces are machined flat and anodized or nickel plated
  • Rotary Actuators have adjustable cushion option for smooth deceleration to end-of-stroke.

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Specifications and Drawings

Barrington Automation pneumatic Rotary Actuators offer fully adjustable strokes from 0 to 180 degrees. The rotary drive is stopped at the shaft using an adjustable, hardened stop screw striking against an offset hardened pin, eliminating backlash. Our Rotary Actuators provide precision repeatability and long life in production environments. Contact us for your more information.

  Shock absorbers provide smooth deceleration for the rotational load. Adjustable stop screws allow fine adjustments in stroke length and are used with available switches to provide end-of-stroke sensing.
  A selection of loading arms and hubs specifically designed for our Rotary Actuators provide ease of mounting grippers and other components.
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