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Table Slides

Heavy duty Table Slide Features
  1. Rodless cylinder provides more stroke length versus a rod-type cylinder slide
  2. Hardened & ground guide shafts
  3. Stopscrews for end-of-stroke sensing and positioning (optional)
  4. Sensor is easily installed over the stopscrew after positioning
  6. Tapped & dowel pin holes in bearing block and end plates for ease of mounting
  7. Hardened steel striker plates
  8. Linear ball bearings for accuracy & increased cycle life
  9. Hydraulic shock absorbers (optional)
  10. Non-rigid flexible cylinder coupling

Custom designed slides are also available.
Contact us with your application.

Heavy duty Table Slide Features
  1. Dual linear rail system for rigidity
  2. Flat top plate with tapped mounting holes
  3. Anodized aluminum slide carrier
  4. Rodless cylinder
  5. Standard mounting plates at each end
  6. Shock absorbers
  7. Adjustable stopscrews for end-of-stroke sensing
  8. 4 sealed linear way bearings
  9. Built-in stroke adjustment with sensing capability
  10. Optional reinforcement plate for longer strokes

Heavy Duty linear rail and bearing design.

Custom designed slides are also available.
Contact us with your application.

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Barrington Automation pneumatic heavy duty table slides feature precise stroke adjustment and high repeat accuracy. Engineered and manufactured for reliability and precision for production environments, Table slides are available in stroke lengths up to 144" in 1 increments.  Contact us for your more information.
  Shock absorbers decelerate the load at the end of stroke. Adjustable stop screws allow fine adjustments in stroke length and are used with available switches to provide end-of-stroke sensing.
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